TruStage Life Insurance Skill

As devices enabling voice experiences started becoming more ubiquitous, we embarked on an Innovation project for CUNA Mutual Group to explore what it would look like to provide a voice-led experience for their customers to learn about, obtain a quote, and fully apply for TruStage life insurance. To explore this we designed and developed an Alexa Skill that we could demo and test.

The Voice User Interfaces (VUI) below show how we first thought through the breadth and multiple paths of the experience. These flows were then converted into a happy path conversational script, and built into the skill.

Step 1: Education

When exploring life insurance options and coverage there are many unique paths a person could take. With this in mind we designed the conversational UI in a way to enable users to ask any questions they have about insurance types, insurance definitions, or even how much coverage they need. We built in purposeful followups to each answer that direct a customer deeper into the flow to answer further questions and gently guide them toward the next step of getting a quote.

Step 2: Quote

Once ready to progress, getting a quote for TruStage products was already inherently as easy as answering 3 questions: Date of Birth, Zip Code and Gender. If the customer enabled the location detection option, we could reduce this to 2 questions. Once a customer received their quote, we provided the ability to increase or decrease the coverage to see the difference in cost. One challenge was finding a seamless way to save the quote and let customers return to it. We enabled this by providing a phone number to receive a link to a saved quote. Customers could either come back to the Alexa device or jump over to their phone to resume the application.

Step 3: Application

Until Amazon Alexa becomes HIPAA compliant, we would not be able to launch the application part of the skill. For the sake of this project we made the assumption that Alexa would soon be compliant, and we built this demo as if they already were.

The application part of the experience becomes very linear and time consuming with many personal and health questions to determine eligibility. Because of the nature of the questions, the need for precise input is critical. Some integrations helped, such as profile information sharing and one-click payment using Amazon credentials; however, to fully achieve an accurate application, we still had to jump customers to a device by the end to review, and confirm a few items we couldn’t accept with voice, such as correct spellings of names for beneficiaries. To finish the application a link is sent to the provided phone number with a screen to complete and confirm everything is correct. The prototype of these screens can be seen below.

The Result

This Alexa Skill Demo and click through prototype was presented to the executive board of directors to showcase possibilities of voice experiences within the Insurance Industry. While the full skill could not be made as is, this project successfully brought inspirational thinking and processes into CUNA Mutual Group and to help project teams explore voice led experiences.