Genesis Owners Website

The Situation

Hyundai asked us to design a new luxury vehicle ownership website to pair with the launch of their new Genesis vehicle brand. I led a team of visual designers, UX designers and content strategists to define the opportunity, create a vision, document requirements, and deliver all creative assets for a component based experience built on Adobe Experience Manger in a collaborative cross-agency agile development process.

The Approach

This project followed our Digital Products and Services approach: Discover, Envision, Plan, Sprint. After auditing and evaluating the current experience, understanding the audience, and interviewing stakeholders, we developed the opportunities into a North Star vision prototype to express the the vision for a brand new experience and receive alignment from key stakeholders. Feedback and alignment resulted in our business requirements which we expressed as user stories and an epic roadmap to inform our design sprint cadence.

Logged-out Home Page

Vehicle Dashboard

Vehicle Health

The Solution

The new Genesis Owners website, built on a customized Adobe Experience Manager component system, is now a fully responsive and personalized owner website experience that simply and elegantly enables advanced features such as easily starting your engine, locking your doors, managing vehicle health, and scheduling vehicle pick-up and drop-off through Genesis Service Valet. The website was designed to both grow with Genesis as the brand matures and be used as the core of a new future MyHyundai Owner website.

Our biggest design challenge was finding an elegant way to bring all of the disparate features, information and settings into a cohesive vehicle management platform. In the past as technologies and features were added, new sections were added to the website. This resulted in a disconnected experience with pages based on technology, not content, and multiple locations for adjusting settings and preferences. To solve this we organized the site around two core sections. First, the Vehicle Dashboard page showcased all of the most important information and features for an owner's vehicle so they could see the whole picture at a glance and quickly take action; more information and less used features are then only one click away. From here owners had access to more information on their vehicle’s health and maintenance, additional connected features and a new how-to knowledge base that was also available without logging in. Second, we completely revamped the settings and preferences into a single location, enabling simple and efficient usage.

Logged-out Resources

Monthly Health Report

Connected Services

The Result

A simple and elegantly crafted experience that enables owners to navigate efficiently, find helpful content with ease, and ultimately complete their desired task in less time.