Whirlpool Care Counts

One in five students struggle with absenteeism because they don’t have access to clean clothes. To address this issue, Whirlpool created the Care Counts laundry program, installing washers and dryers in schools to study this connection, and make a positive impact among high-risk students. Digitas created devices that tracked the loads of laundry to measure the impact and as part of the campaign to tell the story, a mini-documentary and an immersive website to host the film and help bring the data to life.

The Microsite

I led a small team to create an immersive storytelling experience that uses video and live data to help readers feel empathy toward these high-risk students and to help quantify the impact a single load of laundry had on their lives. The result is a custom locked-scroll experience that seamlessly and automatically progresses the story through defining the problem, showing the solution and quantifying the results. This long scroll website was designed to allow viewers to sit back and consume the story as well as to encourage interacting with the data in order to feel the impact of the program.

The Result

More than 85% of high-risk elementary school children increased their attendance during the 2017-2018 program. The project won many awards including a Creative Data Grand Prix at Cannes.